SPORT is a perfect blend of passion, hard work, commitment, persistency and leadership. It wasn’t long-ago a SPORT was followed by a  specific  set  of  people  who  loved  it  but  in  recent  times  SPORT  has  not  only  become  more  popular  in  fact  it  has  become  a  huge Industry in itself.

A very Significant Growth can be seen in entire Sports ecosystem around the Globe with increasing popularity of Franchise model of Sports  events  and  has  emerged  as  the  biggest  brand  ambassador  of  Sports  Industry  which  has  merged  Sports  and  Media  & entertainment industry.

The global sports industry revenue was forecast to grow in the coming years. In 2022, the industry’s revenue amounted to nearly 487 billion U.S. dollars and was expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2 percent between 2022 and 2023. By 2027, the global sports market was expected to be worth over 623 billion U.S. dollars. This massive industry includes the people, activities, and organizations that are involved with producing, facilitating, or organizing sports activities.

Cricket’s global reach is  a success  story. From one country’s hobby, it has  grown into  a worldwide  craze.  It spread  to  places  far and wide and ultimately became a big part of their cultures. Over time, cricket’s popularity mushroomed beyond its traditional bases. This led to the formation of small but growing teams in countries outside the British realm. Although these countries haven’t played cricket for very long, they are making big steps in the sport. Another thing is, they are warmly embracing the game.

BIG SPORTS LTD has established itself with the in-depth knowledge of SPORTS Industry with a particular expertise in Cricket. We have some exciting and unique projects at BIG SPORTS. World’s first Cricket Reality Show – THE BIG CRICKET SHOW, which itself is a unique and first of it’s kind concept and also with some major & mainstream cricket events in pipeline.

Innovative  and  creative,  with  authenticity,  collaboration  and  partnership  at  its  core,  the  BIG  SPORTS  TEAM  is  at  the  forefront  of reimagining and redefining how events, brands and businesses connect and engage with their spectators, fans and visitors across the globe.

BIG  SPORTS is  committed  to  deliver  something  very  new to  the sport lovers  globally  and  with  a  strong team and leadership  we are confident in serving our clients and  achieving our goals!